I am terribly behind in reading the blogs over there on the right.  I’m terribly behind on updating my website and moving my blog to the notguiltynoway domain name that I’ve recently acquired.  But I’ve started to catch up and you know, I have to say, I liked the relative peace and quite afforded to me by having my head in the sand. While I’ve kept up on the state of the law (not to worry dear clients) and general goings on, I haven’t been keeping up on the things that make us holler and cry and scream and stamp our feet “this just isn’t fair”.

Until today.  And, to be honest, I don’t know where to start.  There seems to be a never ending fountain of piss from which to drink.  Shall I discuss the current state of immigration in this country? While Obama has kicked off his campaign promising immigration reform, he has thus far failed us in about every way possible.  Hmmm, Mr. President, where have I heard that before?  You say you are for immigration reform and for finding ways for people who have been contributing members of our community to stay in the country?  You say you are for finding ways for the children of undocumented aliens, children who are here through no fault of their own to become citizens?  Why, that sounds just great. Here, let me help you get elected.

What was it that George W said “fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on your cat?”  Right, that’s what he said, isn’t it?

Doesn’t matter, I, along with many other registered democrats will swallow the bitter pill that is our current president because, well, have you seen the other side?

Then there is all the hullabaloo over the FBI’s new guidelines, to which I simply say “thank you for putting it in writing.”  I don’t see many criminal defense lawyers really getting their panties in a bunch over this because it has always been easy for the FBI to fuck with your personal life.  My law clerk, Rosie, has written a post on this so I won’t steal her thunder, but if you weren’t afraid before all you walk between the raindrops types, you should be.  But you won’t be. Because you still think it will never happen to you.

Speaking of it never happening to you, I’m pretty certain that John Edwards never thought he’d be indicted on
campaign finance charges.  I mean, all he did was have an affair with a woman while his wife was dying of cancer, had a baby with that woman, and then cover it up.  Doesn’t everyone do that?  As one campaign finance expert put it “it’s not illegal to be a pig”  By the way, how do you get the job of campaign finance expert? I mean, you don’t have any expertise in any other sort of finance but campaign? That just shows you how much we’ve fucked up this whole election thing, but I digress ( as usual)

In addition, Gideon has put out some very thought provoking posts.  I wish I had his energy and his way with words, but I’ve just got this and the ability to link.

It was nice being in my cocoon, preparing for motions and trials and having warm fuzzies all around, but it might be time to emerge.  I ain’t promising no butterflies, you might just get a moth, but I’m gonna try to flit around from time to time.