I wrote a few days ago about how killing is wrong. I gave two examples of when it is justified. It appears as if we, as a society, are willing to open up those two examples to many, many others.

We’ve destroyed any semblance of freedom we have in this country. You know who rules you, right? The government. You’ve given in to their every whim and wish with their promises of safety. You make excuses for the behavior that doesn’t fit your narrative. It’s almost like they can just do whatever they want and then watch the rest of us go at it to defend what should otherwise be inexcusable. We don’t want to be wrong.

I get it, we all fall into that way of thinking. Let me tell you about me:

I am a criminal defense attorney. My inclination is to be pleased when there is a not guilty verdict no matter who it is. It happens so rarely, that I applaud each time we get a win. Sometimes this might mean that an ‘injustice’ occurs. That’s what they say, anyway. But my job isn’t to seek justice, it’s to defend my client and make the government prove it’s case. Every time there is a not guilty I cheer inside. Even when it’s cops. Or accused child killers. I like it when people get low sentences. I wonder ‘how did that lawyer do that?’ I know! Crazy right! But when a police officer or a wealthy person or a politician is found not guilty I am glad. That’s my narrative. It is wrong-thinking because we know the system is rigged so that police officers, wealthy people, politicians, etc. get the benefit of the doubt that you and I would never get. But I don’t care. A win is a win.

But I know this is wrong. And then I have to step back and re-evaluate my position. This is not easy to do. I am frequently in conflict with my emotions when police officers or politicians walk on charges that my clients would be strung up for years on. I know it’s not because those guys have better lawyers, because we are pretty fucking good. I know it’s built in that some people are given more latitude. But what I would like is for that same sort of grace to be given to my clients. I don’t want it taken away from police or pols. Share the wealth, as they say. Look at things from my clients’ perspective the way you do from a police officer’s. If police almost always engage in justifiable homicide, why can’t it be the same for us? If we agree the streets are dangerous, why is it that only police are allowed to shoot people they feel might be a threat to them?

Honestly, America is not that dangerous. We aren’t that dangerous. We are all allowed to have guns. It’s kind of in the constitution. If the idea is that everyone is armed therefore we can shoot anyone because they might have a gun – well, how do you even exist in a place like that? Your decision then becomes either creating a prison for ourselves or chaos. I prefer neither.

If we want the United States to continue to evolve into a police state, well, that sucks. I know it’s because you never think they will come for you. I’ve written about that extensively also. But when we fail or refuse to keep those who are supposed to serve us in check, well, don’t the inmates then take over the asylum?

I’m going to leave this here.