Here is our Jesus Camp Episode, Part 1!

Never been to Jesus Camp? Well then get your popcorn out and enjoy the show.

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In this episode, I sit down with Justin Eiesele and Ken Womble. Justin works here in Office Studios with us and is originally from Arkansas. Ken is an attorney in private practice in Brooklyn, New York who grew up in Florida.

A while back, I watched a documentary called Jesus Camp. Freaked the shit out of me. How could this happen? Who would send their kids there and what do they end up like? I figured I would never know since, well, I didn’t run in Evangelical circles. Years later, I met Justin who regaled me with stories of his time at summer camp – the swimming and go kart races. On occasion, he would talk about the plays they would put on (Jesus on a cross, people crying) and having church several times a day. Finally I blurted out “Wait, did you go to Jesus Camp?” In fact, he had. As a woman raised muslim, you’d think I would be used to some sort of indoctrination on religion. But I wasn’t. My parents didn’t outsource my religious training, it was done in house and that’s probably why I’ve never really rebelled against it. So, this was fascinating to me.

When I started the podcast all those 3 months ago, I sent a message out asking if anyone else had gone to Jesus camp. Ken responded that not only had he gone to Jesus Camp, but he’d gone to Jesus school – an evangelical christian school, for his entire young life. His parents weren’t religious, but thought this was the best education they could provide for him. Listen to the show for his tale of debating in 6th grade evolution versus creationism. Good, funny stuff.

The episode is broken down in two parts because our visit with Ken lasted several hours and we covered a ton of topics – from Jesus camp to raising our own kids and everything in between. There’s a lot of honesty and insight in this episode and no matter what your take on religion, it’s an interesting conversation.

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