Mom’s read this blog.  Mom’s who don’t get it, who are confused by how a woman who struggled to have children and seems so ‘normal’ in every other way could have EVER defended terrible people, and how could a woman who seems so ‘nice’ could want, desperately and sincerely, to go back for more.

Mother’s day has passed and I did my schtick, but I invite the mom’s who read this blog to take a peek at Norm Pattis‘s mother’s day post.  Once again, Mr. Pattis puts into words what we frequently think and feel, but for some reason, rarely say.  Don’t say “I’ll read it later” and go to some other mommy blog.  This is important.  If you walk through life thinking this could not, would not, should not ever happen, well, I hope you are right.  All too frequently, life takes turns that we just don’t expect and we don’t always manage to walk between the raindrops.

As a mom, you hope and pray for the best for your kids.   If things go awry, don’t you hope your baby has someone like Norm standing next to them?