The rest of the universe has already seen this, or so I thought.  But darling husband informed me that he hadn’t witnessed this video of a UMD student being beaten by police officers so I’m thinking some of my other 9 readers might not have either.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.  The best part of this whole thing (if there can be a ‘best part’ to a viscious, unprovoked beating) is the statement of charges.  I guess none of the police officers owns an iphone 3GS, or has heard of video cameras. 

Now, let me just say that some of my best friends are police officers.  Most are good and honest and believe in what they do as much as I believe in what I do.  But, as we can see from this video, some are um, well, some just aren’t that way.  But then again, we’ve got some not so hot criminal defense attorneys too.  But, I digress.  You’ll notice all the other officers riding off into the sunset as if they hadn’t seen a thing, just another night on their horse.

Dear readers who are of the ‘regular’ world, this happens a lot more than you think, more than you know.  Sometimes we defense attorneys even roll our eyes (internally, of course) when clients tell us stories of callous or even cruel behavior by officers of the law.   I am not yet inclined to believe that it happens as frequently as I would otherwise have to believe, but I may hold off on the internal eye rolling a bit longer.