2017 starts off with a guest who knows about health and fitness. It has become an American tradition to start dieting around the new year. This inevitably leads to failure, which leads to shame, which leads you right back to where you started. You are going to learn a lot in this episode. Take some of his advice, don’t make it a fad, make habits. Just listen to the podcast and learn it from him. For example, find out how early ballet training has given him a tremendous edge.

Alexander has been training people for years now. Reading his regular e-newsletter has challenged me in how I think about all things health-related. You will enjoy his inspirational and non-judgmental approach.

His newsletter is one of the best out there. He is a great writer and has lots of knowledge to share with you. Sign up.

You can find him on the web at: http://alexanderjuanantoniocortes.com/

You can find him on Twitter @AJA_Cortes

Enjoy- m