I started my blog back up early last year when the clients were few and far between.  I was surprised at many things back then – mostly how blogs were being used for advertising and how many people were talking about things I simply did not understand.  I found a great group of folks to connect with, even though we didn’t always see eye to eye and there were, indeed, conversations and occasionally some harsh words were thrown around.  But the blogosphere was a vibrant place and I was happy to be a part of it.

But then the clients came and I got wrapped up in the things that make one a lawyer – driving to and from courts and jails and meeting with people and things. And I became more accustomed to the fact that blogs are advertising, that the way to make money is through the internet and making sure your SEO is in order and that well, you know, this whole thing might just be a giant waste of time and can bring me nothing but grief and the occasional client that I could do without.

But alas, there has been chatter on twitter about the old days and the grand master of the blawgs himself, Scott Greenfield, has written about it most recently in a blog post entitled: The Third Wave of Blogging:  Isolation. And, I’m going to say this much – I feel much lonelier without the blog. I hate not having the back and forth even when there were rotten words being exchanged. I like the chatter and the banter and not knowing if I’d be called out for something I’d said.  More importantly, I liked not being afraid of being called out for something I said.

Here’s the truth – I love to write. I have a million words inside me every day that make it to the drafts section of this page but never see the light of day. Just today I started a post on why I became  lawyer (it’s because of my mother you know) and last week I started one that compared why I run to why I am a trial lawyer (who can never get a case to trial, dammit!) I do not want to be isolated any longer. So, let’s talk.