I bought this domain a little while ago thinking that a move might be nice.  I’m a nomad by nature, a gypsy at heart, so the thought was that if I had new blogger digs, the words might come. I’ve gotten some grief over not writing, and it is justified. I mean, my public has a hankering that I’ve created and now I’m starving them. And I’m not even telling them to eat cake.

This new spot is fairly fancy. It’s not of my doing having been created by people who know more about making websites and blogs than I do. But the voice is still mine – if I could find it, that is. Look, it’s not like there’s not plenty to be upset about.  For one, the whole Casey Anthony fiasco with folks saying it was ‘just like OJ’ or some other such garbage.  People starting new laws because of a dead child (why was this not a good idea before Caylee died? Hmmm. . . ) and others insisting this meant the justice system was broken.  What could I say that the others hadn’t already?  DUH. Of course the system is broken, we’ve known that all along. But not in the way you think.  There are bloggers and blawgers extraordinaire who did a fine job of analyzing the fuck out of that case, the lawyers, the  judge and the jury.  You certainly did okay without my two cents, I’m sure.

And still, more than anything, I am still stunned that people remain silent as the world turns this way and that.   There are still innocent people being sent to prison in droves.  There are police officers committing crimes against the citizenry they have promised to protect, and there are the masses who still just don’t give a shit.

I am hopeful my new blog home will give me the courage I need to keep writing.

Here is a true story.  Last night I got an email from a new criminal defense lawyer and blogger.  She wanted to know how to let her personality shine through in her blog.  I think the words she used to describe her writing was like “a robot with a stick up its ass” a phrase I, frankly, found delightful.  She likes my blog and thinks it probably represents who I really am.  I gave her some advice that went something like “just keep writing.”  Now if only I could listen to my own advice and do the same.