I have a bunch of friends, non-lawyers, who read this blog.  I like that.  I feel that its good for those women I know as moms to also know this side of me; those people I knew in high school to know how I turned out; and relatives to realize the kind of DNA we got going on.  There is a part of this blog that has, since the loss of my anonymity, gone educational.  I know I have an obligation to help people understand the role of lawyers, but more importantly, have them grasp the oft misunderstood role of criminal defense lawyers.  I have an obligation to be true to who I am in every post I write, and an obligation to try to uplift and inspire – kind of in a ‘pay it forward’ sort of way.

I am happy to say, that while I may not have educated or always been true, I have inspired at least one friend to try her hand at the blogging biz.  Blogging is good for a lot of reasons.  It’s good for some in the business generation sense.  For others, its about getting credibility.  And, for people like Kelly (and me, for that matter), its about finding her voice and refining her writing style.  It’s also just cathartic. 

Read Kelly’s blog.  She’s not a lawyer.  She doesn’t write about the law, but she has some experience with it as a single mom with a not so stellar ex-husband.  She writes about chick things, like not wanting to be a stay at home mom and her father friending her on facebook.  She’s new at this, but little ole’ me thinks she might have some potential.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get her to go to law school.