Scott Greenfield was on twitter today and he accused me of being a pussy.  He asked if there was anything that moved me enough to yell.

Because he yells.  And Terry Kindlon yelled.  And lots of other lawyers yell. 

I don’t yell.  Not here.  And, since this is my blog where I can write what I want how I want, I don’t have to.  I am told to remain true to my voice and to who I am.  I intend to do that each and every time I put my fingers on this keyboard.

But, out of respect to Mr. Greenfield, who reminds me of my dear mentor, Mr. Kindlon, I will answer the questions he posted to me on twitter today as loudly as I can.

Greenfield:  How do you feel about your listserv pals?
Me:  Some of them make me sick.  I mean, I feel queasy in my stomach, my head spins.  I cannot believe these people get hired.  People pay them money.  They have no shame.  They don’t hide their lack of commitment, or their lack of understanding, their lack of empathy.  They put it out there for the whole world to see and then others come to their defense.  Go you!  Rah rah for your poor lawyering.  Rah rah for your warped legal analysis.  That’s how I feel about some of the folks on the listserv.  Those people are not my pals, by the way.

Greenfield:  What do you think of PD apologists?
Me:  I am pretty sure my last post makes this clear – they are wusses and liars.  They have a job where they get to fight the MAN every day of their lives.  That is some pretty cool shit.  The fact that you have lots of cases doesn’t mean you get to be a party to anyone going to jail because you don’t have time.  Mr. or Ms. PD.  Put it on the record.  You are not ready.  Set up your IAC claim for the appeal.  Do it.  Suck it up and do it.

Greenfield:  How many defendants should go to prison for them?
Me:  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  But they do.  And they will continue to do so until we can figure out a way to make it stop.

Maybe this isn’t yell-y enough for Mr. Greenfield.  He might want me to come up with a name for the brand of lawyer I am talking about here, but I’ll leave that to him.  I’m a girl with girl feelings and girl thoughts.  I’m not relegated to only having one emotion, anger, like men are.  I feel sad, sometimes hopeless, disappointed, disbelieving.  So, there you have it.  This is the not guilty version of yelling.  Enjoy it, because there’s probably not going to be much more.