I’ve gained some weight while undergoing fertility treatments. Mind you, I’m not saying that I am fat, but my clothes fit tighter and I’m not as comfortable in my skin. Since I was required to take a month off from treatments, I decided that I’d use this month to lose the 8 or so pounds I’ve put on in the past few months. Eight pounds is not a lot for a normal sized person, but for someone like me who is not, ahem, normal sized, its a lot.

So, I’ve been eating lunch at a place directly downstairs from me, its one of those salad bar places and its pretty good. However, I’ve noticed how much more expensive it is to eat salad and drink water! If you go for the hot food items, its costs about 4.69/lb and well, you naturally get less food since it is heavier. Salad items are 5.49/lb (or thereabouts) and you all know how much chick-peas weigh! Also, they have california rolls that are pretty good, and pretty pricey! Before diet, my lunch would come to about 5 bucks. During diet, its close to 10 bucks! I guess I could make salad at home, but that would require some forward thinking. I’m not there yet.

My other dilemma is in dealing with lawyer work vs. managing work. See, I’m the one who makes the bank deposits, writes all the checks, tries to keep track of what we are spending and making sure everyone gets paid. On top of that, I’m trying to do the civil work and appeals. On top of that, I’ve got to make sure we are in compliance with all of the state, local, federal agencies. On top of that I’ve got to just go to court! I’m trying to get a balance without sacrificing one in favor of the other. Oh, and it also turns out I’m the firm computer guru. Who would’ve guessed?!

Our application for adoption is on its way to Texas and we’re getting ready for our move. Well, first we have to get a mortgage and then move. It might be easier to adopt an infant from overseas than to get a mortgage. As my cousin put it, they want to know if you recently went to the bathroom and if it was number one or number two (to get a mortgage, I haven’t heard that they ask any bowel related questions during a homestudy, but who knows).

I took my first salsa lesson last night. I went with partner one and husband and it was fun and funny. What more could you ask for in a Tuesday night? Of course, partner one danced with the pretty girls whenever he could, and husband got to dance only with me. Oh boohoo, poor him. Trust me, it was better that way. He would’ve ended up stepping all over the pretty girls and maybe scarred them for life. At least with me, it doesn’t matter.